Why Molecular Pathology is a Game-Changer for Personalized Medicine

Dec 19, 2022
Why Molecular Pathology is a Game-Changer for Personalized Medicine
Your body and your health are unique to you. So when it comes to diagnosing and treating disease, it makes sense to identify the exact pathogens that threaten your health. Find out how molecular pathology does it, and how it can help you live better.

Personalized medicine is a growing field in healthcare that emphasizes human individuality. It goes beyond the standard diagnosis and treatment protocol we’re all familiar with, and instead takes a deeper look at each person’s unique health at a molecular level.

The goal of personalized medicine is to identify precisely which conditions put your health at risk, and which treatments will be most effective to protect it. To make these decisions, doctors need advanced testing — and molecular pathology is a game-changer.

At Path MD Labs, we specialize in molecular pathology to evaluate and diagnose diseases more accurately than ever before. And more accurate diagnoses mean more effective treatments. Here’s how it works.

Molecular pathology: the key to personalized care

Pathology is the study of disease: what causes them, how they spread, how they affect your health, and how they’re treated. Molecular pathology is a subspecialty within pathology that’s focused on studying the effect of specific diseases by examining molecules in the human body.

Molecules are some of the smallest building blocks we can study, and they give us valuable insight into the way the body — and disease — works.

In molecular pathology, we examine blood, tissues, and bodily fluids to identify the exact pathogens and diseases that are present. We study how these pathogens affect your body, and we use that information to develop a unique treatment plan.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, responsive pathology services. We work with healthcare professionals across a range of disciplines, and we strive to provide comprehensive pathology reports in a timely manner.

Our reports give your doctor the information they need, so they can inform you and partner with you to make the best decisions for your health. 

Your individual results inform your treatment

Molecular pathology shows promise to improve the accuracy of diagnostics and the quality of care across numerous medical disciplines. It’s already an established practice in care for cancer, infectious disease, and genetic disease, and it’s becoming more popular in other fields, too.

At Path MD Labs, we offer molecular testing for:

We start with a comprehensive health analysis, reviewing your medical history, your symptoms, and any treatments you’ve already tried. We take samples of blood, tissue, fluids, or other bodily materials and our experienced pathologists test them to identify the pathogens that are present.

Once we know which pathogen(s) are interfering with your health, we can help your healthcare team make better decisions about your care. Molecular pathology allows us to determine the best course of treatment for your unique condition, without relying on anecdotal evidence from other doctors and their patients.

Molecular pathology is especially promising for people with complex or unusual cases, who haven’t found effective treatment with traditional medical care.

To learn more about the benefits of molecular pathology, send our team a message online or talk to your primary care doctor to find out if it's right for you.