What GI Testing Can Reveal About Your Health

Feb 09, 2024
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Gastrointestinal (GI) issues can interfere with your health and erode your quality of life. Fortunately, advanced GI testing has the power to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms so you can find the most effective treatment. Learn how it works.

Your gastrointestinal (GI) health is a reflection of your whole-body health. And when your GI system is affected by disease, infection, or other issues, your overall well-being and quality of life suffer.

It’s time to learn more about GI testing if you're facing complex GI symptoms. Diagnostic testing strives to get to the root cause of your issues and sets the foundation for a more successful treatment plan. 

Our team of experienced pathologists at Path MD Labs specializes in gastroenterology and GI diagnostic solutions in Los Angeles, California. Read on to learn more about the range of services available and how GI testing can provide valuable insights into your health.

Understanding your GI testing options

GI testing encompasses a wide array of services, each serving a specific purpose in evaluating gastrointestinal tract health. At Path MD Labs, we specialize in advanced GI testing for complex and unusual cases.

We have the capability to analyze samples from all GI sites, including the liver and pancreas. A few examples of our testing options are:

Endoscopic biopsy interpretation and resections

For these procedures, we collect small tissue samples for microscopic examination. Endoscopic biopsy interpretation helps us pinpoint specific abnormalities in your GI tract, while resections provide insights into conditions affecting organs like your liver and pancreas.

Immunohistochemistry and molecular studies

We use immunohistochemistry and molecular studies to diagnose and characterize GI malignancies by analyzing proteins and genetic material in tissue samples. This information is crucial for developing the most effective treatment plans based on the specific characteristics of your GI disease.

Full GI cytology services

Cytology is the study of cells, and full GI cytology services extend the examination to include infectious disease testing and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) screening. This comprehensive approach helps us detect infections and other cellular abnormalities that may be contributing to your GI symptoms.

Clinical and ancillary stool testing

Stool testing is a non-invasive method to assess your GI health. It can identify various conditions, including infections and inflammatory disorders, and provide valuable diagnostic information. At Path MD, we offer testing that includes the GI Pathogen Panel, C. diff, H. pylori antigen, pancreatic elastase, and fecal calprotectin.

How GI testing offers insight into your health

GI symptoms can seriously limit your quality of life — and GI testing is essential to pinpoint the cause of the issues. Our skilled pathologists are here to recommend the best testing for your needs and to provide a personalized analysis of test results. Here’s what GI testing can reveal.

More comprehensive results

FilmArray® polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing is a game-changer because it provides accurate results quickly. It’s a molecular technique that amplifies and analyzes DNA, providing highly sensitive and specific results within 24 hours.

Plus, FilmArray® is capable of multiplex testing, meaning it can simultaneously detect multiple pathogens or genetic markers in a single sample. This capability is especially valuable when multiple factors contribute to your GI condition.

More informed decision-making

Our analysis provides insight into the health implications of your results and serves as the foundation for effective treatment. We interpret your results in the context of your overall health, giving your healthcare team the information they need to recommend an appropriate path forward.

Faster path to treatment

While traditional diagnostic methods may take days to deliver results, our GI testing methods give your healthcare team the information they need to make timely and informed decisions. 

Once they understand the underlying cause of your symptoms, they can work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that improves your health.

So, what can GI testing reveal about your health? It offers the essential insights and answers to your symptoms so you can start the treatment you need. Call our office at 424-245-7284 or send us a message to learn more.