Billing Information


Customer service and friendly billing are important to us. We work closely with our clients to make this process as simple as possible. At the time of billing, our team sends our patients information in regards to the billing process to clarify the involved steps and to streamline the process. We work diligently with each health insurance company to make this process as simple as possible for you. At all times, you should feel free to contact our billing department at: (424) 245-7284 should you have any questions or should you need any assistance with billing related matters.


PathMD accepts Medicare as an insurer. Medicare has specific payment schedules, and typically, pays for only 80% of the accepted bill amount. The additional 20% is either paid by patients or by their secondary insurance plan. When provided with the necessary secondary billing information, PathMD will bill the secondary insurance carrier for the remainder of the Medicare balance as a courtesy to our patients.

Private Insurance Carrier

Since each private health insurance company has numerous insurance products, including types of coverage and patient allocated deductibles, we have billing experts that will work with your insurance companies to facilitate with this process and to make it as simple as possible. We work closely with our patients throughout this process.

Workers Compensation Coverage

PathMD accepts patients with workers compensation insurance. PathMD bills workers comp insurance. We will submit your pathology claim and will contact the employer if more information is needed to file a claim, you will not receive a bill from PathMD.

Billing Q & A

Will PathMD bill my insurance?

Yes we will bill your insurance carrier, your bill from PathMD services are for outpatient laboratory testing (such as biopsies and pap smears) performed at your physicians’s office or surgery center. If you have workers compensation insurance, we will submit a claim for your pathology tests and you will not receive a bill from PathMD.

What is and Explanation of Medical Benefits (EOB)?

PathMD will submit a claim to your insurance carrier as identified by your physician. Once your claim has been processed by your insurance carrier, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance. This is NOT a bill. You do not need to pay anything until you receive a statement from PathMD. The statement will have on it what is required for you to pay to bring your account current including any deductible, copay or coinsurance.

An EOB is a statment issued by your insurance company that states the portion of the total pathology charge that they believe is owed based on their processing of your claim and verifying your insurance benefits. An EOB will be issued after the claim is processed. At PathMD we will appeal claims that are erroneously denied, underpaid or have errors on them. Such appeals will result in additional EOBs and sometimes additional payment to the labratory.

Why does my EOB not correlate with a PathMD Pathology Services bill?

Unfortunately, there is a potential for errors when processing insurance claims. Even when information is correct errors in processing by your insurance company sometimes occur. Also, such EOBs will not apply billing policies unique to PathMD. For these reasons, please await your PathMD Pathology Services statement for the most accurate out of pocket expense owed by you for your pathology services.

My Insurance sent the insurance payment directly to me, what do I do ?

From time to time your insurance carrier may elect to send payment for the services performed by PathMD directly payable to you. If you do receive payment from your insurance carrier please send a copy of the EOB, endorse the check and send it to the PathMD billing address provided below for processing. In lieu of this, you may also choose to send your own personal check or pay by credit card and deposit the insurance check. You can easily make a payment using our online bill pay option when paying with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or a Discover Card. We also accept personal checks and money orders made out to PathMD Inc. and mailed to the address below. In either case we will need you to send in payment along with a copy of your Explanation of Benefits so that payment can be properly posted to your account and your account does not go into a delinquent status.

Will I receive a bill from PathMD?

Depending on your insurance coverage; you may receive a bill from PathMD. You may also receive a bill if you do not have insurance coverage or if we did not receive your insurance information. We will bill you for the pathology services separately from your physician who has performed the procedure.

What is a PathMD Pathology Services Bill ?

PathMD Pathology Services Bill is a statement issued by our pathology lab which will detail the amount that is owed AFTER YOUR INSURER HAS CORRECTLY PROCESSED YOUR CLAIM. Such bill will be issued after we have attempted to obtain full payment from your insurance thru our billing process and appeals processes.

What methods of payment does PathMD accept?

PathMD makes it very easy for you to make your payment by providing a variety of payment options. You can easily make a payment using our online bill pay option when paying with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or a Discover Card. We also accept personal checks and money orders made out to PathMD and mailed to the address below.
Mail payments to:
PathMD Inc.
Billing Dept.
P.O. Box 844257
Los Angeles, CA 90084

Who do I contact if I have questions concerning my bill?

We are committed to making your experience with PathMD a very easy process. Our highly experienced customer service representatives will assist you with any questions you may have about your bill. Please call (424) 245-7284 to have any billing questions answered in a timely and efficient manner, write to the address below or email us at pathmd.billing@ggbmedical.com. Please do not call your physicians office with Pathology related billing questions as they will not have the information you need.

PathMD Inc.
Billing Dept.
P.O. Box 844257
Los Angeles, CA 90084
Tel: (424) 245-7284

What are your billing customer service hours of operation?

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.